Now get the perfect and wonderful products that we brought specially for you to look the best in front of others. Our products are made of harmless herbs and natural materials that moisturize and nourish your moustache and beard in a wonderful way. Be in a good view by getting our ideal products that intensify your beard and moustache as you wish.

who are we

Creamatt Company L.L.C, which owns Men’s Master – Kuwait, is an exclusive agent in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, and we are specialized in bringing all the products you need to look perfectly in front of your loved ones, so rest assured that all of our products are licensed by the Ministry of Health and we also have an exclusive agency from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and we also have a distinctive brand that crosses About the wonderful products that we offer to you and our trademark is registered by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, now easily choose the products you want to buy and we will deliver them to you to any address you mention to us until you get a beard and moustache that suits you and your wonderful personality.

We have a select group of employees who are ready to serve you and perform all your orders in the fastest time and with the highest quality possible. The prices of our products are suitable for everyone. Our products will moisturize and strengthen your moustache and beard hair in a way that will not make you believe the result you have reached in this short time, do not hesitate and ask for One of our fantastic products now to enjoy an attractive beard and moustache. You can also gift our wonderful products to your loved ones and friends as a luxury gift presented in a perfect package that will win the admiration of any one will receive it.

Our Vision

We seek to become the largest and first Arab specialized entity in bringing all the beard and moustache care products that customers need, and our vision is compatible with the vision of the State of Kuwait for the year 2035 in providing a better life for all customers.

Our Message

Keeps all customers with great local products as well as perfect international products that have been carefully searched and brought to our store to make you more beautiful and special among your friends and family.

Our Values

We guarantee customers that they get high-quality products at an affordable price because we have established a specific set of values when we deal with current customers and the customers we will deal with in the future in order to gain the trust of all customers in our products, and our values are credibility, transparency, honesty, cooperation, achievement, speed, Responsibility, Excellence, Creativity and Respect.

Our Advantages

We have many advantages that made many customers prefer to deal with us constantly and this also helped us in obtaining a good reputation among customers.


We have great products that intensify the hair of your beard and moustache in an amazing way that will make you amazed at the result you got.


Our products are made with powerful natural herbal ingredients and oils that are specially made to penetrate the pores of the skin under the beard and moustache to make hair grow faster and denser.


Our products are made with powerful natural herbal ingredients and oils that are specially made to penetrate the pores of the skin under the beard and moustache to make hair grow faster and denser.


We have products that help rejuvenate and revitalize cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


We have amazingly nourishing and moisturizing products for your beard.


The products offered in our store are carefully selected by our staff.

Our Goals

We have set before our eyes several different goals and we have sought in various ways to achieve these goals in the near future, God willing, and our goals are:

  • We strive to be global so that all customers can enjoy our diverse and perfect products all over the world.
  • To become the preferred store for all customers so that they buy all the products they need.
  • To constantly bring new products to our store to gain the confidence of all tastes.
  • To become the first store in the Arab world and the whole world that meets all customers' requests for great products.
  • We made a great imprint in the field of beard and moustache care, which made many other companies follow what we did.